Games IP + Animation = Win

Hi, my name is Nick Dorra. I work with creative and passionate people in the intersection of (mobile) games IP and animation – my job is to clear out any obstacles so the creatives can get going. My fortunes have been good, and I’ve been working with great teams in animation, digital video, events and interactive drama projects since 1997.

Whether it is about building an animation studio of 100 professionals and shipping world class content that has been watched billions of times, or helping local mobile game developers branch into narrative storytelling, for me people come first.

My focus is on how to turn an existing mobile IP successfully into an animated property that has legs. I assemble and lead the creative team, help finance and package the series and oversee production. Happy clients and partners include Rovio EntertainmentLightneer Inc.Two Men and a Dog. Read more about my background here.

If you’d like to discuss more, please get in touch!

My blog covers the intersection of tech and animated content, digital trends as they relate to animation production and related subjects. I also speak at various conferences.