Helping indie studios prosper

We can help you with financing, developing and producing your projects.

We know your pain

Being an indie has its joys and its sorrows. We know both, and how to turn them into advantages.

We know what we’re doing

All our experience, from huge corporations to bootstrapping start-ups, at your disposal.

We are effective

It is not about how much you do, but what exactly you do that matters. And remembering to ask “why?”

Financing your IP development

Do you want to go from service work to original IP?

We have a proven track record in raising private and public financing to develop original IP. You can do the same, and kick-start your original IP plans.

Story and visual development

Do your scripts, bible or visuals need refining? We can help with script editing, repairing the story engine of your series or polishing your concept art.

Our team has a great track record in building pitches that get optioned by leading industry players and accepted to co-production forums.

Strategy and tools

Do you need to determine the next steps for your company, navigate sales or build a game plan for your next negotiation? We can help!

We draw on a wide network of experts, so if we don’t have the answer, we will get it for you.

Production services

We offer production services from storyboard all the way to final delivery. Thorough planning and hitting budgets and schedules is what we do. With pandemic-proof distributed teams, and both CG and 2D pipelines, we can meet most challenges.

Let’s chat about how we can help you!

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