My name is Nick Dorra, I am a Finnish-German animation producer, consultant and entrepreneur.

The reason I offer executive coaching and strategy consulting is my desire to share my experiences. I have learned a lot of things through study, others through hard experience and I wish to make your life easier by sharing my insights. Each time I work with clients, I also learn a lot of new stuff, so this work is doubly rewarding!

Creative people and captivating content are what makes me tick. Whether as a leader or team player, I love diving into new challenges when they involve passionate teams and new ways of delivering stories. I’ve been producing digital content, animation and events since 1997.

My experience spans entrepreneurship (on start-up projects and at our production company Haruworks), big companies like Rovio Entertainment and small outfits created only for producing one project. I have learned how to lead and how to be led, and what is important in both cases.

Education-wise I have an Executive MBA from Aalto University (2013), a BA in Arts Management from the Turku Arts Academy (2004) and have completed various courses, among them the ‘Certified Board Member’ course of the Tampere Chamber of Commerce in 2021.