Coproducing with Germany – ebook

[EDIT: This ebook was published in early 2011. While many of the basics still stand, a lot of the information, especially where it relates to the details of what the film funds offer, is dated. I’m leaving this up in case people find parts of the content useful.]

Dear film professional, this is my first ebook, Coproducing with Germany.

It is a primer on coproducing in general and the German film financing landscape in particular. The ebook is filled with practical advice, expert interviews and current trends and teaches you how to build a coproduction for your next film project. The ebook is free and you can spread it as you like.


Who should read this ebook?

Producers, directors and filmmakers who want to produce a project with international financing, using the method of coproduction. If your project can’t be financed in your territory alone, download and read the ebook.

What does the ebook cover?

  • How coproduction works in film financing
  • The pro’s and con’s of coproducing
  • Why Germany is a good candidate for film coproductions
  • What film financing initiatives your coproduction can tap into
  • How to prepare for a coproduction
  • Current industry trends to take into account

What can you do in return?

  • I appreciate any feedback. Did the ebook spark an idea, a comment or a question? @ me on Twitter or email me!
  • Spread the ebook. The book is free to download and share. If you found it to be useful, please pass it on to your colleagues, business partners and friends.

Thank you for reading!

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