The fundamentals of good strategy are simple: Determine your unique situation, form an answer to that situation and plan your actions accordingly. But in reality, these are hard steps. Especially the first two, and the first one above all.

The quality of your strategic choices will depend on the quality of your analysis of the situation. In the worst case the GiGo rule applies: Garbage in, garbage out. In order to arrive at better answers, you need to ask better questions.

The strategy work I do with clients usually takes the form of a series of workshops, where we build the situational analysis, form a hypothesis based on it and then start on the read of planning actions. My goal is to leave the client with clear tools and new skills, so that they will be able to tackle these questions without me next time.

I have worked with multinational corporations, US non-profits and independent animation studios on formulating these questions. Based on them, we have developed long-lasting frameworks and strategic plans for these clients to help them build a competitive advantage and clear strategic purpose.