Podcast episode #1 – Alison Warner

I’m super excited to start a new experiment: I’m launching a podcast with the focus on interesting and/or accomplished people in the animation business. As this is an experiment, here are the conditions I set myself:

  • I’ve recorded six episodes. If making and distributing these turns out to be fun, AND the feedback warrants it, I’ll create more.
  • I’ve produced these in a quick & dirty fashion. This means there are some audio glitches and the episodes are almost completely un-edited. I hope it also adds some authenticity and conveys the vibe of the great conversations I got to have with my guests.
  • With both the choice of the guests as well as the questions, I’m mostly going to scratch my own itch. This was a great way for me to get answers from people I respect to questions that I have been pondering myself. But I hope that if the question interest me, there’s at least a subset of an audience that shares that interest.

And then, I have an ask: If you like the podcast, please let me know! Send me an email, tweet me, or leave a review on Apple Podcasts. This way I’ll know if there is an audience for this, and if I should keep doing more episodes.

With all the housekeeping items sorted, let’s get to the first episode, with the amazing Alison Warner!

This episode is kindly sponsored by CelAction, developers of CelAction2D, the 2D animation software used on some of the most successful series in the world, like Peppa Pig, Bluey and Mr. Bean.

Alison Warner recently joined Blue Zoo Productions as MD of a brand-new division, Blue Zoo Rights, and is charged with managing the company’s portfolio of original content, which includes BAFTA award-winner Numberblocks and BAFTA nominated Digby Dragon.

Prior to that, Alison served as Vice President of I.P. Sales, Acquisitions and Co-Productions for Technicolor Creative Development. Alison developed and implemented funding and sales strategies for TCD’s in-house animated properties and also sourced new properties to acquire or co-produce. 

In this role, she was instrumental in securing the rights to The Deep and is part of the team that helped put Technicolor’s animated shows Atomic Puppet and The Deep into production through structuring an Australian/Canadian co-production for The Deep and a French/Canadian co-production for Atomic Puppet. She pre-sold The Deep to key broadcasters across the world including Super RTL, BBC, ABC, YLE, SVT, NRK, France TV, Ketnet, Universal Kids and Netflix. 

Alison also helped manage the exploitation of all rights of The Deep worldwide. The Deep has become a global hit, topping the children’s TV charts in the UK, Germany and Australia with toys and books already launched autumn 2018. 

Alison is passionate about making outstanding animated shows for children of all ages that excite, enhance and entertain.

She is also on the Advisory board for the Children’s Media Conference.

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