Podcast episode #3 – Tom van Waveren

This episode takes a bit of a different angle from the rest. While I’ve tried to keep the usual episodes more or less timeless, in this episode we go right at it: How can companies in the animation industry cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and its ripple effects?

To go deep into that topic, I called up Tom van Waveren of CAKE.

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This episode is kindly sponsored by CelAction, developers of CelAction2D, the 2D animation software used on some of the most successful series in the world, like Peppa Pig, Bluey and Mr. Bean.

Tom began his career in animation at Nelvana in 1996 as Director of its London office. In 1999, Tom moved to Copenhagen to head up Egmont Imagination as its President where he was involved in the production of over 100 hours of animation.

Tom started his own company in 2004 and merged his pipeline of projects with CAKE in 2006. Since that date, he has been responsible for scouting, development and the executive production of all CAKE content.

Tom has been nominated three times for a daytime Emmy and is currently overseeing a development slate of over 20 properties from pre-school to animation for 6-12 years, as well as overseeing all CAKE’s current productions, which include Netflix’s first African animated original Mama K’s Team 4, the first long-form animated Angry Birds series Angry Birds: Summer Madness also for Netflix and a long-form series based on web phenomenon Lucas The Spider for Cartoon Network.

Tom is CEO and Creative Director at CAKE, as well as Vice-Chair of Animation in Europe, where he is working to improve support for the European animation industry.

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