Podcast episode #5 – Jean Kitson

With today’s guest Jean Kitson we get to talk about (among many things) what an agent does, how an agent can best help creators and producers with their challenges and how you should approach an agent when you’re looking to hire the talent they represent.

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This episode is kindly sponsored by CelAction, developers of CelAction2D, the 2D animation software used on some of the most successful series in the world, like Peppa Pig, Bluey and Mr. Bean.

Jean Kitson runs Kitson Press Associates with her partner Julie Press. Based in London’s Covent Garden, they represent creative talent across all media, including writers, directors, producers, script development talent and heads of department.

Jean herself specialises in writers in drama and kids media, and in the last six years has built up a list of international kids writers working across all ages and media.  Jean started working in production and development – she was at Bentley Productions on the first ever episodes of Midsomer Murders – before moving into working for agencies, becoming a Junior Agent at MBA Literary Agents where she rose to become and Agent and Director before leaving to start her own agency in 2014.

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