The key question when financing an animated film

The answer to this question is the most important decision that you will make when developing and financing an animated feature film, TV-series or any other project. Actually this applies to any other product in any other business as well. The question is:

“Who is our target audience?”

Why is this so important? Because if you are not aiming at a specified audience you will not reach anyone at all. And if your target is too wide you will choke on your goal. Only studios like Pixar have the deep pockets required to target ‘everyone’ and even their films have core and secondary audiences.

It is of course scary to choose a target. You have to cut out a part of your potential audience. Except that they never were your potential audience to begin with. No project can be equally appealing to everybody.  If you are bowing to one part of the market, you are showing your back-side to another. You need to make decisions.

The target question will be asked of you over and over again during development and financing all the way to the marketing stages of the finished production. If your target is not clearly defined, or if it does not correspond with the project’s other features like its visuals, you will not be able to finance your production.

It’s that simple.

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