Prediction #2: More producers embrace the new forms of content

Continuing my series of posts on the “6 predictions for 2016“, here’s an elaboration on number two.

Prediction 2

The point I want to make with this prediction, is that the definition of ‘content’ has already changed (especially for the younger audiences). Now it’s time for the older generation of producers to catch up. And while getting to know a new terrain can be hard or even daunting, it offers many learnings both about the business as well as our audiences.

One company who really embodies this change for me is TaDaKids. Founded by kids industry veterans who were brave enough to discard everything they thought they knew, rigorously re-educate themselves and launch a new venture to test their thesis. You can read more on their thoughts here.

Fully accepting how tough it is to make money on Youtube, TaDaKids’ founders reverse-engineered a business case. They went online for inspiration about what kinds of content is popular, coupled that with their decades of experience as content creators and made sure they found ways to keep the per minute costs to a sustainable level. The coming months will show if their hard work pays off.

As an interesting sidenote, I want to close with the following story. TuTiTu, who were one of the inspirations for TaDaKids, has a massive following on Youtube, and the company makes some nice revenue off the platform. When asked how they achieved their success, the answer was simple: by following the free Youtube playbook to the letter. It is quite amazing how many companies really under-use this available set of best practices.

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